Sunday, August 23, 2009


Do you have people in your life who you are so impressed with because they are talented in all the ways you aren't? I absolutely do. I mentioned I am an accountant which pretty much means I got stiffed in the creativity department. Don't get me wrong - I make a valiant effort in this area, but many times I fall short. My sweet sister, MC, on the other hand oozes creativity, it seeps from her pores. I have to give her all of the credit for my blog design. A quick phone call and 30 minutes later - viola! She makes it seem so easy! Her creativity doesn't stop, she is a successful entrepreneur and has an incredible online business. She is the proud owner and creator of MonogramChick, an online monogrammed gift boutique that has dozens and dozens of fun personalized items for everyone you know (including yourself)! Take a minute to peruse her site and you will see what I am talking about. She is talented. Also check out her blog, she blogs about new products, giveaways and everything else going on in the MonogramChick studio. Oh, and grab one of her cute little buttons from her blog like mine!

MC and Kiki

Thank you seester for sharing your talented and creative side! I love you!

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The Spann's said...

You have been hiding from me! Welcome to blog world my friend - another tool in life to make you feel behind! :)