Monday, May 24, 2010

Lamp Envy

I found the most fabulous Jonathan Adler lamp for Parker's room that I simply do not want to live without...

...but I will.  The $395 price tag is mystifying and appalling all at the same time.  I haven't spent $400 on a lamp anywhere in my home let alone an infant's room!  The lamp really is fabulous (I heart giraffes) but I couldn't even consider it (can we say STROLLER?).  Instead Coco and I came up with a way to repurpose a lamp we already had.  

We scoured the toy aisles of our neighborhood Target for an appropriate "filler" for this glass lamp that used to hold golf balls and golf tees in our "office".  Coco spied these wooden blocks for $15 and we knew it would be perfect.  I love the way it turned out and it only took Coco 10 minutes to do the switcheroo.  So, until we win the lottery I will stick with our repurposed cutie patootie lamp but I will definitely dream of the gorgeous, childlike yet sophisticated JA giraffe one!

Friday, May 21, 2010


This post is long overdue and will probably cover many topics!  Be prepared for pregnant brain randomness.  First things first - I mentioned the last time I blogged that I was super excited about my upcoming baby shower.  It did not disappoint, it was so special and so much fun!  And while a full blown post is coming soon, a little sneak peak is available on MC's blog here.  Check it out!

Our addition is officially complete!  It was actually official May 6th (just in time for all of our visitors for baby shower weekend!).  A few pictures to wet your appetite (hee hee) and another promise for a more in depth post soon.  

Our humble abode.  The roofline was extended, new shutters, new paint, less grass. :)

Master Bathroom

"His" Closet

Enlarged Master Bedroom looking into new bathroom

These pictures are not up to my standards (lighting is all wrong, bamboo shades are down, pillows are not fluffed, superfluous items on the bed - just to name a few) but I thought it was too cruel not to give you at least something after three months of teasing (and my house is in no shape for picture taking today).  We are still moving things around and collecting items for our new space, always a work in progress!  We made some changes in the kitchen and the screened in porch is just fabulous.  I promise to include some pics of those spaces soon.

I have had a few inquiries about paint colors so I have included the colors we used below:
Master bedroom/Parker's room - Sherwin Williams Woolskein
Master bath - Sherwin Williams City Loft
Exterior of house - Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray

Parker's room is coming along slowly but surely.  I anxiously await the crib bumpers my Mom has been so diligently working on.  I think I will have them in a few days!  In the mean time, I thought I would share the little dresser project we worked on this past weekend.  My parents generously gave us a piece of furniture they have been storing in their attic that was just the perfect size for Parker's room.  His room is small so we had to have something that multitasked as a dresser and a changing table.  The finish on the dresser was not quite our style so we made a few changes...



I love the airplane and dump truck knobs I found at Hobby Lobby and spray painted to coordinate (you know my affinity for the spray paint :))

What do you think of the transformation?  We must give major credit to our faithful friend, Donnie, who was nice enough to strip and stain the top for us after we called in an amateur panic!  There are lots of finishing details to be done...a monogrammed (of course) cornice for the window, waiting on frames for the artwork, vinyl wording above his crib just to name a few.  It will all come together eventually!

Speaking of Lil P, I went for my 34 week appointment yesterday and my blood pressure is up.  Yep, my easy going pregnancy has hit a bit of a snag.  After three hours at the doctor's office/hospital, I had blood work done, an ultrasound to check fluid levels (and catch a sneak peak of our little man!), and a Contraction Stress Test (THAT was interesting).  All tests checked out normal and our little Parker is doing well and responding appropriately.  My doctor will be seeing me a bit more often now (twice a week) to check up on things and make sure all is well.  We are praying this spike in BP is an isolated event and we can keep him marinading just a bit longer.  Thankfully my activity has yet to be restricted (the Lord is GOOD) however I am trying to be good and rest as much as possible when I am at home.  Coco is quite the caregiver, I affectionately refer to him as my warden.  He is so concerned for his wifey and son and I am very thankful for his sweet love.  There is nothing to fret over yet (read that twice Mom) but we would love it if you would keep us in your prayers as we navigate the next few weeks.

Whew.  If you are still reading, I thank you.  Sorry for the long post!  I will update again soon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Where oh where have my brain cells gone?

A while back I shared with you my first official pregnancy brain moment when I left my sandwich at the Schlotzsky's drive thru.  Ugh.  Well, I have entered the point of no return when it comes to losing brain cells.  My latest feat this week was turning on our home alarm so that it would greet our poor plumber with a loud siren when he used the key (yep, the one I left for him right BEFORE I set the alarm) to get into our home.  Many phone calls with the alarm company and more than one (yep, you read right) incident within a 2 hour time span of setting off the alarm for the entire neighborhood to experience and we got things straightened out.  Or should I say Coco straightened things out.  Poor Coco.  The same day I managed to leave work heading for the grocery store and instead I drove home.  Ugh.  This is painful.  I don't like losing my brain.  I was so proud of it before.  Oh how the Lord humbles me.

32 weeks and counting!  We can't wait for Parker's arrival.  He still needs to marinade for a bit longer but I am definitely ready to meet him and cuddle him and kiss him.  I guess I should pack a bag for the what to put in it...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Etsy Find!

Life is crazy 'round here.  We are furnishing, decorating and trying to get life back to normal these days.  Whatever normal may be!  I wanted to take a minute to share one of my latest Etsy purchases.  I have to credit MC with this purchase, it was really her find (thanks seester!).  Check out our wall in our new little office nook...

Aren't these fabulous?  So sorry for the poor picture quality - not sure what was going on here.  LittleBlueBirdStudios has these really neat Vintage Dictionary Art prints.  There are many, many to choose from and are super affordable art - especially when popped into Ikea Ribba frames like I did above.  With our new space and furniture placement, our walls are very bare so interesting art on the cheap is key right now.  Any of you have any great resources you lurve?

Oh!  And I must share that I can't wait for this weekend.  I have a baby shower here in Birmingham and am so excited!  My mom, MC, aunt, grandmother and Coco's mom are all coming into town for it.  I can't wait to share pictures.  And don't worry - those finished pictures of our addition are coming soon.  I will get over my bare walls and unfinished decorating and finally snap some pics for you.

Happy Thursday!

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