Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's official...

I have baby brain.  Yep.  I have crossed the threshold.  It's only just begun.  While I was out running errands on my lunch hour yesterday, I picked up lunch.  Or so I thought.  I got my drink, my check card, receipt and pulled out of the sandwich drive through...without my sandwich!  I got all the way to the office (at least 2 or 3 miles) and realized I had no lunch.  Imagine my sheepish grin when I pulled back to the drive thru window and asked for the sandwich I left.  Geez.

On a more intelligent note, progress is going well here at the house. :)  We have sheetrock and the tile and carpentry are starting this week.  It has been a flurry of paint colors and grout selection around here.  Pictures to come soon I promise!

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erintagle said...

Oh gosh! I'm right there with you! At 7 months along, I will be digging through my purse and forget what I was digging for! For someone who is type a as well, it's pretty funny {and frusterating!} ... From what I hear, it doesn't get much better once the baby is here. Uh oh! :)