Friday, March 5, 2010

Register this.

So, it is that time for us in our "with child" journey to begin the registry process.  This is an incredibly daunting task for those of us who are not at all well versed in all things baby (have I mentioned my breakdown the first time I stepped foot in BabiesRus?). Help.  Please.  What items can you not live without?  Is there one thing that made your life that much easier?  What is a waste of money?  I know that most of these things are very personal decisions but I would love your feedback.  Please help a hormonal pregnant woman make some decisions! 


plaidchaos said...

I'm a mom of 3 and have plenty of insight on this topic for once! Email me at plaidmama at gmail dot com and I'll shoot you a's too hard to do in a comment, but I'd be happy to share my thoughts!! ~Leslie

Monogramchick said...

you know you don't have to register for burp cloths....the kid will have his birth weight in monogrammed ones by the time he's here!

Dr. W said...

Diapers, get plenty of diapers. I have heard (never witnessed first hand) that babies make what is commonly referred to as "poopy pants" and that this requires a new diaper, some baby wipes, baby powder, and lastly a DiaperGenie II Elite!!

The LaVecchia's said...

Definitely get a Bumbo with a tray. Forget the high chair and get one that is a space saver (in the seat). And, lastly, you MUST purchase a Miracle Blanket. Look it up at Do not settle for an imitation. If you enjoy sleep, then buy one! It is worth the $40, and they even guarantee your money back if it doesn't work!

The Spann's said...

do get:
dr brown bottles
a few diff kinds of passies
swaddling blankets (get one w/ velchro - its easier than the miracle blanket at 3 am but i do like the miracle during the day)
get a swing or borrow one - they are great and you can get a small one

don't get:
um, i don't know yet :)

meredith said...

about that swing that ashley spann know where you can borrow one...if brooklyn is ready to pass it on by july! we might have a few more "borrowable" items as well. i'll look into it.

and i say my "can't live without " item is my sleepywrap. love it. use it still and aubrey is 9 months.
check out