Thursday, November 12, 2009

A road trip...or two.

Coco arrived back in town just in time to turn himself around and drive with me to Atlanta. Coco's dad, B, is having surgery today and we are in Atlanta spending time with him and Coco's mom at the hospital. Please keep B in your prayers that the surgery is successful and all goes well. We love you B and hope you are back at it soon!

We are in the ATL until Friday when Coco and I go our separate ways (again). Boo. I am headed (by way of car...yikes) to Florida with MC. She is having her Annual Trunk Show & Open House for at our parent's house in Lakeland, Florida. It should be a fun and exhausting weekend!

It'll be a whirlwind few days between Atlanta and Florida. I am looking forward to it all and I promise to take many pictures and share them with you next week!

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Rachel H. said...

Praying for B, and hope it all goes well today!! And have fun this weekend! I know that will be fun! I wish I lived in Lakeland!!