Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catching Up...again

Wow. I am a terrible blogger. I feel like I should reintroduce myself. In case you forgot who I am, check out this post. I am remiss. I apologize. I thought I would be better than this. This season has caught up with me. Oh I hope to keep my promises.

So a lot has occurred in the life of Kiki and Coco since mid-November (the last time I really blogged). I will try to keep this brief (ha!) and give you a rundown...

MC and I took a road trip to Florida for a MonogramChick Trunk Show at my parent's house. So much fun to be home even if it meant that getting there would take 8 or more hours. Long story. And long ride. But nice to spend it with MC. Let's just say our little trip involved lots of DC and these...

Is anyone else addicted to these this time of year? Here are a few pics from our trip...a few of all of MC's merchandise spread all over the house and some from a fun family dinner (thanks dad!). We had a great time, way too short but so wonderful to be together.

Mom and MC...aren't they beautiful?

Dad and me

Thanksgiving with the Marshalls! Coco and I spent Thanksgiving with his family in Macon and it was definitely not without entertainment! We had a great time visiting. Coco's mom, Jo, worked so hard to prepare a scrumptious meal. We arrived Wednesday night and Thursday morning I helped with some last minute food prep. One of those items was the turkey. Let me be clear and state that neither Jo or I had ever cooked a turkey. This became apparent when Coco's Aunt Molly discovered upon removal from the oven that the turkey had been cooked upside down! It literally fell apart in the pan, it was hilarious! It was actually really tasty since all of the yummy white meat cooked on the bottom with all of the juices. Who knew??? We spent nearly an hour texting pictures to everyone we know, this is one infamous turkey!

Me and Jo...I love this picture.

Pulled turkey for Thanksgiving anyone? Anyone have any crazy Thanksgiving stories?


Channa said...

Love those candies! My sister and I eat them all the time also!

The Spann's said...

That is hilarious - never heard of an upside down turkey but that may be a new recipe!

Rachel H. said...

I have never tried those candies, but I'm sure I would love them. Everything looked great for the trunk show. I wish I lived closer!