Thursday, December 17, 2009

A little Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas everyone! While I have been VERY behind getting into the Christmas spirit, I did manage to get my tree up (thank you Coco!) a little over a week ago. I am almost done shopping and I even wrapped some presents this week (see - they are under the tree)! My plan is to be a baking fool this weekend...I do love to bake this time of year. Mostly because I like to eat, but ya'll already knew that. :)

I still have a few more presents to buy...I find I leave the hardest for last, why is that? Has anyone found such a fabulous gift they must share with the rest of us? I am definitely open for some inspiration!


Rachel H. said...

I tend to leave the hardest for last too...We luckily only have Grant's dad left this year, and I'm hoping that Grant gets on that ASAP!

Sara Lynn said...

I love your tree! I wish I could create something like that but I am just NOT creative.

Risley and Dylan said...

wow! what a beautiful tree!!