Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Bash

Coco turned 30 on the 14th of this month and we celebrated with a little get-together at his favorite restaurant, Cantina. Coco's parents and my parents traveled to Birmingham for the occasion! It was a great weekend with family (MC and Dr. Chick came too!) and friends. A few photos from the celebration!

B (Coco's Dad) and Coco

Dr. Chick and MC

Ethan and MC

Jordan, Wes and Jo (Coco's mom)

The Riching women :)

Gdaddy and me

Jared and Mere

Coco, Donnie and William

Kate - admiring my baby bump :)

So I got a little picture happy...I felt the need to document Coco's milestone!


Monogramchick said...

yay for a post! :)
it was great fun, happy 30th coco!
anyone that lives in b'ham must try cantina, it was yummy!

ps-love all the pics...you can never take too many :)

Keri said...

What a fun time!! I'm with MC...you can never take too many pictures! Hope Coco had a great birthday!