Monday, June 7, 2010

All Things Green and Blue

In early May some fabulous women generously threw a baby shower for me and Parker.  I promised weeks ago to share the pictures and am finally making good on that promise.  My sweet friends and sister are so fun, creative and fabulous - the shower was wonderful with sweet treats and so many creative decorations.  My Mom, Aunt, Grandmother and Coco's mom all came to town for the festivities!  We had a great time and received so many wonderful baby gifts!
The last pregnant pics of Kiki - so sorry but I am way to large to grace the blog these days!

Ashley made the diaper cake for Parker, isn't it adorable?
It even had fabulous MC items and a silver spoon engraved with "Parker"

All of the lovely ladies that hosted the special day
My sweet sister and Mom
My family that came a long way to celebrate
Parker's Grandmothers!

I had some fabulous pictures of some adorable gifts and the yummy goodies but I can't get Blogger to cooperate!  A huge thank you to my dear friends for such a lovely party for me and my little man.  I love you girls!

A little Parker update - blood pressure is still up and my doctor put me on bed rest last Thursday.  Oh what fun!  Our sweet little boy is doing well, the bed rest is to force his very stubborn mama to park it on her fanny so her BP doesn't continue to rise.  I thankfully am able to work from my couch.  What a job Coco has keeping me planted! :)  We covet your thoughts and prayers as we navigate these next days and weeks.  I will be 37 weeks on Thursday and my doctor hinted that she might schedule an induction at any time if the BP stays up. I have full confidence in my doctor, but am a little anxious at the possibility of Parker arriving early!  I head back to the doctor this morning and will keep everyone updated!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, you look great!

Keri said...

Love all of the green and blue! Love how you coordinated your outfit to match as well!
Such a cute shower...hated to miss it.