Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parker & Kiki Update via Monogram Chick

Parker is here and SO STINKIN' CUTE!   Both baby and mama are doing well.  Looks like Kiki will be heading home sometime today.  Parker gets an extended stay at Brookwood Hospital with luxury accommodations in the NICU.  He has had a little trouble regulating his blood sugar so to keep an eye on the little guy they admitted him and are keeping a close eye on his levels before and after feedings.  As of late this morning he was doing well and his blood sugar levels were good.  We'll continue to pray for stabilization!  They have "P-man" (every aunt needs a nick name for her nephew right?) hooked to an IV of fluids {Kiki said last night that the fluids had really "brightened" his coloring} and since his levels have been good they will slowly wean him off the fluids starting today.

As I said, he is so amazingly are a few pictures of infant eye candy!


Keri said...

Look at those proud parents!! Love it! He is adorable! I cannot wait to see him.

meredith said...

ahhh! i can't wait to hold him!