Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A trip to Macon

I mentioned on Friday that Coco and I were headed to Georgia to visit his family. Coco's family lives in Macon and we headed that way Thursday right after work. Our trip was not without a specific purpose - Coco's brother, Matthew, had some pretty serious surgery on Thursday so we went to spend the weekend attempting to entertain him in the hospital. The patient would not allow me to take a picture of him (can't say I blame him - I obliged just in case I am ever in his shoes!) but I did manage to snap a few pictures of the care taking crew.

Home Sweet Home...Room 344

Coco and his Dad taking a break at the house to catch up on some work on Friday afternoon. Doesn't look like much work is going on.

My first attempt to get Coco's Mom to take a picture - we got to giggling and couldn't concentrate!

Attempt #2 or maybe #5...

We were so glad to be able to visit with everyone and lend support through this tough time. I am happy to report that Matthew was released from the hospital on Monday and able to come home to recover. Coco and I hope our next trip to Macon doesn't involve any dreary hospital rooms and that Matthew fully recovers in a few weeks! Oh, and Lucy managed to have a fantastic time with Rocky (Coco's parents' boxer), so much so that she is still not fully recovered. Below is a shot of her on our way home...one tired puppy.

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Imjustagirl said...

Hope everyone is on the mend! Love the picture of the pup!!