Saturday, September 19, 2009

Waiting on Coco

It has been raining for days here in Alabama which has everyone in our household a little stir crazy. This morning I woke up before 7 WIDE awake. After laying in bed for a few minutes I decided to get up and make myself useful. I am not sure what you were doing before 8 this morning but I made cookies...

I snapped this to prove just how early it was!

All finished - ready to eat!

While I was getting my bake on in the kitchen, Coco headed out to grab some yummy bagels for breakfast. All was quiet in the house so I began to wonder...where is Lucy? I peeked into the family room and this is what I saw.

It was too cute not to capture. She was waiting on Coco to come back home. She melts my heart sometimes.

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