Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blogs and Coffee

You may have noticed the fabulous framed poster, "I love you, blogs and coffee", proudly displayed in our home "office". My sweet sister, MC, sent this little happy to me a few weeks ago. Isn't she wonderful? It is perfect, I love it. It was purchased from the very talented MadeByGirl. MadeByGirl shares her fabulous creativity through her Etsy shop, her blog and her website. Check her out! I am now on the hunt for a fab frame I can spray paint white (you know my infatuation with spray paint :)) to make my own poster look chic! Don't you just luuurve it??

Photo courtesy of MadeByGirl's Etsy shop


Rachel H. said...

That is very cute!! And love the idea of a white frame! :)

plaidchaos said...

Love it! They need to make one for Diet Coke!