Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New York City! - Part Two

I am back to finish up sharing the details (and many pictures) of our trip to NYC...

Saturday began much like Friday with a bagel and Starbucks on the run. Our first stop was the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. What a beautiful sight - the view from this building will take your breath away (along with the crisp and cool wind from the gorgeous fall day)!

Doesn't he look professional?

The view to the South...

And the North

It is amazing what they have on top of buildings in the city!

The Chrysler Building in the distance

Aren't I cute?

As soon as we descended back to Earth (via stairs AND a warp speed elevator) we were ready for our first official New York City Subway ride of the trip. No matter how long its been since you have ridden public transportation in the catacombs of the underground there is no mistaking the stale, warm breeze that greets you as soon as you descend the stairs. I am happy to report we made it to all destinations without missing a beat (or a train), we had a few close calls since I can't seem to operate the metro card and corresponding subway entrances (geez). We headed via subway to the Upper East side where I speed walked wandered into the French Sole Outlet that Coco so candidly documented here. I do love shoes so a trip to the city wouldn't be complete without a purchase (or two...or three), right? Coco was so very patient while I labored over my purchases (thank you dear!).

Once the shoe purchasing commenced, we found this adorable pet shop, Canine Styles, that sold fabulous pet beds, sweaters and animal friendly treats and provided grooming services. We even ran into a little Boston while we perused the store that made us both miss Lucy. I was very tempted to by Lucy a new sweater for the upcoming cold season but the $90 price tag made me think twice. (Sorry Lucy, but Momma needed shoes. :))

Check out the cat in the bottom right corner of the window...doesn't it look real? Yep, alive and kickin'! Too cute!

All this shopping makes a healthy couple hungry so we headed to a little French restaurant, La Bonne Soup, that was recommended by a family friend. It was a quaint little place that served the best french onion soup I have ever tasted. Not to mention a basket full of homemade bread and butter (be still my clogging heart!). We waddled out of there and headed to Bloomies on 5th Avenue.

After sticker shock we needed a little sugar shock and stopped in to Dylan's Candy Bar. Now, I am not sure I have revealed this before but I HEART candy. I like chocolate but I HEART candy, yep just like a 5 year old. The more sugar and gelatin the better. Dylan's was the ultimate candy experience (yep, I was elbow to elbow with wide eyed, salivating little ones that could barely ride the tea cups at Disney World). I walked away with a baggie full of treats and a Frozen Hot Chocolate from their cafe (um, YUM!).

Treats (and shoes) in hand, we headed back to our hotel to rest our tired tootsies before dinner. Below is Coco's remedy for tired and sore feet - a VERY cold bath. It worked like a charm - a quick soak and a few minutes of relaxing and we were ready to roll.
We had dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant called Fresco's and decided to take our time making our way to dinner. We started off toward Rockefeller Center and passed Radio City Music Hall and St. Patrick's Cathedral on our way. We took a few minutes to take in the inside of the cathedral - what a beautiful place. We managed to snap a few photos (sans the flash) to remember it by.

Dinner was divine. We were content. Grabbed a taxi and drifted off to a food induced stupor (I mentioned we like to eat, right?). We slept in Sunday morning and our first outing was brunch at Norma's (located in The Parker Meridian Hotel). The place was packed with people and for good reason - brunch was delicious. Coco and I had most of the day before we had to catch our flight back to Birmingham so we made the best of the dreary weather and visited Central Park and Grand Central Station. It is amazing to me to think about just how large the Park is. We barely ventured in and you immediately feel like you have been transported to another place - it is quiet and serene and the big, bustling city seems miles away. What a great place for New Yorkers to escape and be reminded of God's beauty.

Grand Central Terminal

What a trip! As I read back through the posts I realize we ate and photographed our way through NYC and I can't think of a better way to spend four precious days with my hubby.


Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a great trip! I stayed at the Parker Meridian when I went to New York! I think I was in the 9th grade when I went, so it's been awhile, but I would love to visit again!

Monogramchick said...

makes me want to go back....glad y'all had a great time, you have some fab photos from the trip, sister!