Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Surprise Visit!

I walked into my house Monday evening after work and my wonderful parents were standing in my kitchen! For many of you that may not sound like a surprise but the sheer fact that they live 9.5 hours away in Lakeland, Florida made their presence a sweet surprising treat! After tears and squeals from me, Coco revealed their secretive little plan. My parents dear friends own a business that brings them to Birmingham on occasion (it helps too that their two sons live here as well). They are fortunate to use a private plane for business and needed to be in Birmingham for dinner Monday night. They were so sweet to invite my parents Monday morning to come along (and my parents were so great to drop everything at the last minute to come visit for a few hours)! My mom called Coco to orchestrate the surprise and Coco made dinner reservations at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, GianMarco's. We spent the evening talking, laughing, drinking and eating. It made my week, er, month! We don't get to see them near enough and it was so much fun to have a night together.

It was so nice to hug their necks and talk face to face. Thank you Mom and Dad for coming! And thank you "Air Harrell" for bringing them to us! I can't wait to do it again! Have I mentioned I LOVE surprises like that?


Monogramchick said...

sad...i want a surprise visit.

Samma said...

Best surprise ever!!

Keri said...

Aww, how sweet of them to do that!! I know that was such a fun surprise for you!