Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poor Bailey

Giving dogs a bath can be quite the experience. Coco and I have it easy with our Lucy - she is good to just hop in the bath tub and wait on us to get our scrub on. Okay, so "us" may not be the most accurate use of words here. I can't tell you the last time I bathed Lou Belle, Coco is so good to me (and Lucy).

Isn't she too cute? Patiently waiting in the tub on her Dad.

MC's pooch, Bailey, is another story. Bailey is not so keen on the bath idea. Maybe because he has so much hair you have to use a super soaker to get him clean. Last time MC was in town, I had the privilege of being dragged asked to go to the pet store to bathe Bailey. Um, right. It is a good thing you can lock yourself into the bathing area otherwise Bailey would have torn through the store just to get away from us.

Bailey looks thrilled doesn't he? I think his whole body was shaking at this point. Aren't our "aprons" fabulous? They need a monogram. :)

I got to chase Bailey around the room to attempt to get him dry. MC took this action shot to commemorate the experience (thanks a bunch). Getting this dog dry is impossible - hours later he was still damp. How do I know? He planted himself in my lap and wouldn't move. He loves his Aunt Kiki and I love the little ball of fur.

Any excuse to hang out with my sister. Don't worry - we capped off our bathing experience with pedicures. Hey, we need our pampering too, right?


Rachel H. said...

So much fun!! Bathing dogs can be such a challenge! :)

Keri said...

And everyone wonders why I don't have a dog!? I would just have to hope that I could throw the dog in the shower with me everyone now and then to get him/her clean. The joys of having a pet!