Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drama Queen.

Sunday afternoon Coco and I took Lucy for a walk around the neighborhood. A few of Lucy's friends were out so we stopped to play for awhile. We watched Lucy tear around the front yard of our neighbor's house being chased by two boxers, Goose and Bower. After about 30 minutes we walked a very tired Lucy home.

Apparently her jaunt was a bit too much because later that night we found that one of her paws was bleeding. It appears she cut it during her play session. We cleaned it out, used some liquid bandaid and wrapped a self adhering bandage to her paw. As soon as the bandage went on, she started milking it. She didn't even act like anything was wrong before her paw was wrapped up (the bandage just helped keep the little bit of blood off of the furniture). Coco and I almost fell on the floor laughing because she wouldn't walk on her paw - she scooted around like a tripod! She got this pitiful look and found her bed. I couldn't resist, this was too good not to take a few pictures. This is priceless...she is such a drama queen..wonder where she gets it from?

Doesn't she look pitiful?

Poor baby

Oh, and before you think we are cruel parents - she really is fine. She is back to her old self...drama queen and all.

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Rachel H. said...

Too funny...but what a cute little bandage! :)